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Location #  2242: Brooklyn, NY  (Bushwick)


1    Very FILM friendly

2    Restrictions do apply....only has AC in bedroom, NO USE OF ROOF WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL, please request, No animals permitted on shoots for any reason (owner has cat & dog)

3    The upstairs areas of building are additional fees, areas of use need to be determined in advance please


New Images as of March 2014

Samples of this location, Please scroll below samples for a full set of photos







Full set of Photos:






Deck, 2nd floor, additional fees, max 15 people at one time, need to be very careful, no railing on one side






2nd floor Notes:

Many of the walls have been painted, a TV is hung on one wall (does not have the authentic distressed look anymore, new imags soon







Main floor














this room is very light blue (king size bed)







Main floor Studio loft








Main floor work room









2nd floor, additional fees for the areas below

2nd floor now has some furniture, 2 beds, a couch, new images once its fully furnished




























garage and patio, additional fees may apply for the areas below





















Old images, please only use as referance,







New back room as of Sep 2012







Upstairs floor, additional fees if required, more images,
This image as of Feb 2014





Original images of complete apartment
interior apartment walls (beige) are now sage green.








the red wall is now brown and couch has been moved to other side of room,as of 2012 (always recommeded to scout)































Motorbike is no longer in the home as of 2012


driveway has a second gate now, can not see from the street all the way to the car.



this room has been redecorated as of Sept 2012  


Old images











old piano is no longer there































as of june 2009, this deck is off limits, the wood is rotten







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brick exterior

marble kitchen

arched windows


crown molding

wood floors



distressed ceiling

French doors

track lighting

book shelves

pedestal sink

exposed brick