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Location # 2358 - Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, NY, PREFERS PRINT, film possible case by case, restrictions do apply


1.    No shoes in the home at all

2.    Floors to be protected, etc.

3.    Hair makeup wardrobe etc may be done in the basement

4.    Main door must be kept closed at all times

5.    Bedrooms and office off limits unless approved in advance

Townhouse Particulars

Each floor total is approx 16x32 feet. 
Parlor front room approx 10x18ft( with tree & deer head)
Parlor back room approx 10x12ft( dark blue room)

Ground floor.

Enter basement level to kitchen & sitting area ( good for catering etc)

1st floor . 

Bathroom with bath 

Study room dark blue 

Parlour floor pale green with tree & deer head 

2 nd floor

X 3 bedrooms & shower 






Patio as of June 2014


Living Rooms











First 3 pics show original, Last 3 pics show updated room: daybed painted white, tree is gone, desk and chair gone, rest same
more images soon


















Dining Rooms




Children's Bedrooms
some minor changes have been made, scouting is mandatory













Hall / Stairs








Original Images  






Cats in house & can be used as talent.








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crown molding



hardwood floors


claw foot tub

built in bookshelves




Old images

do not use






































New garden as of June 2013