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Location # 3051: Woodstock, NY


  Woodstock, New York

  100 miles from NYC

  Film friendly/ encouraged

  No restrictions apply

  Eating, drinking and smoking permitted on all grounds, inside and outside

  Music speakers with individual volume control in every room as well as outdoors.

 This home provides a fairytale-like feel.  It is the home of two artists with many props on hand.

 A large entrance gate leads to a place that appears to be a castle, with a main tower, decorated with finials, mysteriously hidden behind wisteria, honey suckle and wild vegetation.

 The outside provides 4.5 acres of great grounds with an outside heated swimming pool, accompanying a pool house and lounge area, a gazebo being turned into a future art studio matching the appearance of the main building It carries a fourteen feet high finial on its tower made of cedar tree that had fallen on the property as well as stained glass windows designed and executed by the homeowner himself.

 There are three driveways and one carport offering plenty of room for parking winnebegos, smaller vans and cars for crewmembers.

 Another building provides the home of two antique cars (both 1950s Lincolns) as well as a self-designed canoe hanging on the ceiling.  The second level of this garage is full of stuff an eccentric cant throw away and provides great light in the early part of day.

 Access to creek with bluestone wall backdrop is steps away from main building.

 The inside has been restored to its original beauty by the homeowner himself. It was originally build by Hanson Booth.

 There are two working fireplaces, one in the grand room with soaring 30 ft ceilings and one in the dungeon with wine cellar.

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Great Dane on property



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floor to ceiling windows

wood beamed ceilings

"A" framed ceilings





arched doorway




gated entrance



outside sitting area