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Location # 3844 - Pelham, NY


1.  Approx 19 miles from NYC //  Now PRINT ONLY please, no film or large shoots

2.  Permits required for some shoots

3.  Restrictions do apply

4.  No shoes in home

5.  All floors to be protected

6.  Bedrooms off limits unless approved in advance

7.  Owner has pets

8.  Large bathrooms, large open kitchen, kids bedrooms and play room, great light, beautiful wrap around porch


Notes: Oct 2015: 

The set of photos on top are more recent.

We have new furniture in the master bedroom, dining room, and the library. The basement is redone entirely.

We also have a new chest in the side entrance (where the white cubbies are)

and a couple of new pieces in hallway/foyer.

Also the green bedroom has new/different furniture

New landsacping outside.


New Images as of July 2013


















































Old images, just here for referance

















Original Images  






































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wrap around porch


crown molding


kitchen island


big yard

pedestal sinks

claw foot tub