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Location # 9084 - Short Hills, NJ



Security Deposit required for all shoots

scouting mandatory for all shoots, in advance to determine exact areas of use, and parking


Front Gardens, Follies and Lawns
28 acres of amazing gardens and houses
path that goes around the property can fit a 15 pass van (no motorhome)
Motorhome can park in parking lot and be base camp (not always permitted)

















































































































































































































































































































Potting Shed






























































Cottage (exteriors only)



























































Samples of this amazing property, please keep scrolling to see all it offers
Enchanting gardens and fabulous mansions































































Main mansion
now exposed brick, see newer images next 2 rows




































Barn Animals
may be used if approved in advance














The Greenhouse
built into the side of the hill (sometimes is full of plants and not much room for shooting)
The grey frame structure can be removed with at least 2 days advance notice

On warm days some plants may be removed and placed outside, also with advance notice











Barn interior and exterior








The Potting shed
interior and exterior, has a sink, restroom, electricty, AC, heat and can be used for production
do not leave any valubles please
25ft x 25ft







The image below is like this
Middle building is exterior of potting shed
Image to left of image is the exterior of the barn
the road to the right, juat a few yard on right is where the Greenhouse is situated




more exteriors, animals etc












Interiors of Main House are not always available and must be cleared in advance
additional fees will apply
No AC, does have Heat















Interiors of Cottage are not available
No AC or Heat

As of July 2016
interiors of cottage off limits

has been turned into offices
may use exteriors only















Side Lawn and parking lot
All RV's must park in the lot, may not take RV through the grounds
a 5 passenger golf cart comes with the rental















Old Images as of July 2013




























































































































































Old Images








Nov 2012 - greenhouse now has plants inside, less room to move in, new images soon




From 2012 Sep Photo Shoot by Tim Corbett  










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big yard


arched walkways








































































Very old images // some areas no long available / do not use these images






















































Interiors of Main House are not always available and must be cleared in advance
additional fees will apply
No AC or Heat