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Shoot Info Required please answer the below (next to each question, in bold or a diff color to distinguish between questions and answers):

1                    what is the project / client / product:

2                    Dates / Days:

3                    budget for the location, max per day:

4                    total people on set:

5                    how many are talent (any celebs, any kids):

6                    what hours of the day (night or day shoot):

7                    what props:

8                    do u need to move furniture if so what:

9                    any FX (smoke, water, painting, nailing, removal of fixtures, etc):

10                what rooms of the home for shooting:

11                Any animals / if so what:

12                Any exterior lighting? if so where:

13                Any exterior shooting:

14                Will you have a motorhome:

15                Who is the photographer:

16                What Action / scene / set dressing:

17                Print / Film or Video?:

18                If Video on top of print:

19                If any video:  what gear(ie: jibs, dolly, tracking, generator, how many cameras, etc):

20                What crew:

21                Where to air:

22                If film shoot only:

23                what gear(ie: jibs, dolly, tracking, generator, how many cameras, etc):

24                Any Cranes / Condors, etc:

25                Action / Scene:

26                Set dressing:

27                FX:

28                Which locations are you interested in?.

































































































































































































Company Name                           

Contact Name                              

Company Address                        

Business phone                           

Cell phone                                   

Email address                              


(ie: Esquire Magazine, editorial)

Style of location needed              

Shoot date (s)                             

Is it Print / Film / TV / Video ?     


What hours of the day                

Any props/effects if so what       

Any gerators dolly jib etc           

How many crew & clients          

How many talent / models         

Any Celebrities                         

What areas of the location         

(ie: interior LR, DR etc, Ext and so on))

 If video or film, director name  

  If Print, any BTS video          

 What Equipment                   

Budget per day for location